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Who Is Dr. Hutch?

Few Words About Me

Hi my name is Dr. Jimmy L. Hutchinson Jr.

Through hard work and dedication, Dr. Jimmy L. Hutchinson Jr. has become a successful businessman and community leader who has helped many people reach their maximum potential by achieving their goals.
He is an award-winning businessman, life coach, entrepreneur, and minister of the gospel. As a Christian entrepreneur, Dr. Hutchinson’s business practices and advice are all derived from biblical principles. Dr. Hutchinson’s passion and determination are evident as he strives to help his clients better their lives. He achieves this by giving them biblical solutions to problems and pushing them toward Christ. Dr. Hutchinson’s’ ultimate vision and desire is to see the Kingdom of God furthered through business & ministry.


Favorite Talk Show HOST


​ Ujamaa Award 


ing Dr. Hutch's radio show, "PLAN FOR IMPACT", broadcast on The Soul of San Diego Gospel radio KURS 1040AM and KPRZ Radio (1210 AM) in San Diego from 2005 - 2008. He also hosted a radio show called “Just A Business Minute with Dr. Hutch” on KCBQ 1170AM in 2007. He made regular appearances on the Christian Business Forum, Host by Dee Sanford an Oprah-like figure in the black community of San Diego, California; broadcast on Cox Cable Public Television Network. When Dr. Hutch is on the air, the switchboard was jammed with callers seeking his expertise on their personal problems.
Dr. Hutch's extensive knowledge and experience stem from his twenty-plus years spent in the personal/business trenches helping thousands of people combat their personal problems and giving hope to those who felt their situation was hopeless. In 2010-2015, The Dr. Hutch Show expanded its broadcast market to the Midwest broadcasting on 1220AM The WORD in Cleveland, Ohio.  And later creating its own Internet Radio Station called 1220 Beyond The word PODCAST.